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Higher Ed Hemp Tours is an Austin, Texas, based education company dedicated to creating unique experiences for hemp consumers, retailers, investors, and enthusiasts. Our mission is to connect an educated consumer with a verified hemp or CBD brand. This blog highlights the latest news and events in the world of hemp.
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Written by Higher Ed Hemp Tours on May 15, 2020
Do214 is the spot to find the hottest events in the Dallas metroplex. We were honored to be asked for input on this list of top Hemp CBD spots! Checkout the list full article at this link.

Written by Higher Ed Hemp Tours on April 22, 2020
The Torabi sisters from Austin's own Restart CBD were recently asked by Southwestern University to record a webinar regarding hemp sustainability. They provide a well rounded view of the Texas hemp industry and dive in on all of the many uses of hemp. Below is the playback. Enjoy!

Written by Higher Ed Hemp Tours on April 9, 2020
We're excited to announce the launch of our weekly live stream party. Born out of sheer necessity, our livestream is designed as a positive news only environment. Featuring your favorite brands, hemp personalities, and live DJs plus interactive games and hemp news. Tune in every Thursday from 1-2pm CST to party with us!

Written by Higher Ed Hemp Tours on March 4, 2020
With the recent emergency declaration by the City of Austin and cancellation of SXSW, most Cannabusiness events have been cancelled or postponed.

Still going on schedule:

March 14    Texas HempStalk Jester King Brewery
March 18     Texas NORML Cannabis Kickoff      Flamingo Cantina

Officially postponed:
March 18     Sante Labs BBQ          Sante Labs
March 20 & 21   High Times Hemp House     The Venue
Written by Higher Ed Hemp Tours on March 3, 2020
AS the Corona virus continues it's rapid pace, many are questioning if Austin should go through with hosting the annual South By Southwest (SXSW) Cannbusiness track. What have we heard on the street from our office in the heart of downtown on Dirty 6th Street? Nothing conclusive as of today. Rumors are that if the State of Texas declares an emergency or national / state health officials ask SXSW to cancel, they will comply. However there is no indication by leadership that without this intervention.

Multiple sponsors have pulled out of the event including Facebook, Twitter, Mashable, and more.

Stay tuned and watch our Instagram for updates....
Written by Higher Ed Hemp Tours on March 1, 2020
Are you a retailer in Texas with questions or concerns regarding the upcoming licensing for sellers of hemp derived CBD products? Here is the scoop.

House Bill 1325 (passed last year) directed hemp manufacturing and retailing be placed under the Texas Dept of State Health Services (DSHS). This decision makes sense because DSHS already oversees supplement and food manufacturing in our state. DSHS now had the task of creating regulations for hemp retailers and manufacturers based on HB1325. As of the date of this post (Mar 2020) these rules have not yet been finalized. However, draft rules can be found here.

There are several interesting developments regarding these PROPOSED rules. Nothing is written in stone yet, but we can use this as an overall guide on what the final rules will most likely look like. Rumors are that licensing will be out by mid April-May however we will wait and see.

- smokable hemp is not permitted to be grown or manufactured in Texas. DSHS has followed up on this by saying any hemp flower retailed must be labeled a consumable and not a smokable product. What that means for pre-rolls is a question for your attorney.

- a background check and fingerprints are required by the owner of the retail store. If the store owner has had a felony drug related charge in the last 10 years, they are not able to obtain a hemp license.

- GPS coordinates are required for each retail location.

- product label must contain QR codes with links to full panel lab testing (heavy metals, pesticides, and cannabinoid profile) as well as batch numbers

If you have questions regarding these rules, contact DSHS direct at the email address on their website.
Written by Higher Ed Hemp Tours on Feb 26, 2020
Hemp farms are coming to Texas! After passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, Texas legalized and regulated hemp farming under House Bill 1325. This did not instantly legalize planting seed. Instead it instructed the Texas Dept of Agriculture and it's Commissioner Sid Miller to develop guidelines for hemp farming in Texas. Mr. Miller pledged to do his best to develop a program that will be fair for farmers and propel Texas into being the leader in hemp production. Licensing will be available soon to the eager farmers of Texas. For the latest draft rules and more information, please visit the Texas Dept of Agriculture website directly or contact their staff. Do not rely on a consultant or 3rd party to get accurate information on your behalf. Scammers are preying on farmers that want to dive head first into production. We recommend analyzing the market and relying on the advice of the Ag Dept.

Higher Ed Hemp Tours founder Leah Lakstins with Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller

Written by Higher Ed Hemp Tours on Feb 3, 2020
On January 26-29, 2020, the Kay Bailey Hutchenson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, hosted the largest hemp convention to date in the Lone Star State. While there were many Texas brands on display (including us) the show was dominated by out of state producers of farm equipment, extraction, labs, and other products. The speaker lineup was stacked, with the industry well represented by experts from around the country. It was a great place to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Check out our behind the scenes video here.

Written by Higher Ed Hemp Tours on Jan 11, 2020
Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with Jesse Williams of the Texas Cannabis Collective to discuss our story and perspective on hemp in Texas. The Texas Cannabis Collective is the largest source of cannabis information in the state of Texas. Jesse was one of the first people we met when we discovered the Texas NORML meetings at Flamingo Cantina in late 2018. This was the first chance we were able to hang out over a beer and really get to know each other. So the Higher Ed Hemp Tours team packed in at Lazarus Brewery to talk hemp with Jesse. To read the full interview, click the article link.

Written by Higher Ed Hemp Tours on Sept 26, 2019
Austin Startup Week has always been an amazing place to learn, explore, and discover new ideas and relationships. This year, Hemp Tours had the privilege of hosting the first startup week panel focused on the local hemp industry. We sat down with Jae Graham of Mary Jaes, Zach Esquivel of Greenwave Naturals, Daulton O'Neill of Greenlight Events, and our very own Cintia Morales to discuss the local scene. Check out the video to view the panel in full.

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