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Industry & Investor Insider Tours
Looking for a behind the scenes peek into the hemp industry? Our industry insider tour includes extraction facilities, manufacturing facilities, and hemp farms. Receive the latest regulatory information while gaining an overall perspective of the cannabis industry in various states. Tours are typically scheduled during grow season August - October. Private tours are also available for an additional fee.
Get Industry Tour Details
See Co2, ethanol, and other
hemp extraction methods in use.
View FDA certified labs and manufacturing facilities that service cannabis.
Hemp Farms
Get a close up look at the plant herself in
both indoor and outdoor settings.
Go Behind The Scenes
In The Hemp Industry
Visit hemp farms during growing and harvest. See extraction equipment in operation. View FDA approved labs and hemp manufacturing facilities. Learn the latest in hemp technology, legislation, and more. Connect with like minded industry professionals. Experience all this and more on our Industry and Investor Tours

2020 dates coming soon!

Braze of Hemp Twenty says:

"Visiting farms in Colorado with Hemp Tours was an amazing experience. Not only did I gain knowledge of the farming process, I got a better understanding of the overall hemp industry. I highly recommend."

Jay of Twisted Cork says:

"My team went to Colorado to tour facilities with Hemp Tours. I had an amazing time and can't wait to do another tour. Thank you all for an amazing trip and for opening my eyes to all the knowledge behind this powerful plant!"
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